Return & Exchange

30 Days Money Back

  • We offer 100% refund for the period of 30 Days after date of delivery. if, by mistake, you found your product not perfect as described, any quality error or any other problem, you can return or exchange those items for free. We'll pay you 100% of the amount you paid if you return, or, we'll exchange that product with a perfect one.
  • 30 Days Money Back policy is for items shipped within India only. International orders are not eligible for this offer as we can not import the sold products back to us as per Indian Government guidelines.
  • Custom Orders or orders with special customization on preset products will not be eligibke for 100% refund, but, if there are any type of quality errors, we assure you to replace/repair those perticular items with the best quality.

  • Under the Forever exchange policy, you can exchange old product ( It should be buyed from VVS Gems and jewellery) with new product at 90% exchange rate ( Rate will apply according to current market value). Product Certificate and invoice is must to unveil this policy.
  • Complimentaries, Coupnes and free gifts are not considerable under Forever exchange policy.


We offer Lifetime Buy back service on all purchases from VVS gems and jewellery within India. We buy return product at 85% return rate on basis of market value.


Incase, jewellery produced by us is not upto your size, you can request resizing on [email protected] or by calling at +91 9099239480. Request will only be valid till 30 days of delivery date.

Market value will be determined by the sole consideration of VVS Gems and jewellery. No disputes shall be entertained and final decision will be of the brand authorities only.